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L’Autre Pied

I know it’s a bit, you know…. but I do love some fine dining, so as part of my ‘One Michelin Starred Restaurant per Month’ resolutions, my dear friend and I went to L’Autre Pied.

It didn’t start well, when one of the bazillion waiters (in a dining room the size of my living room) refused to serve me escargot as a starter, as they were only available on the tasting menu.

It got better.

The bread was, so-so.

The amuse bouche was awesome, a mouse of parmesan and artichoke, with a teeny crunchy breaded quails egg, and toasted rice (the toasted rice, which looks terrifyingly like maggots, but tastes toasty delicious, is a bit of a theme at this restaurant).

Very quickly came starters, I had Lightly Poached Maldon Oysters, Apple Purée,   Smoked Olive Oil and Herb  Emulsion, which arrived under a cloche of smoke, and were effing gorgeous, my dining partner had truffle Tagliatelle of Winter Truffle, Sauté of Japanese Artichokes,  Watercress, Winter Truffle Cream, which was, apparently, ‘very good’. And the kind dining staff agreed to exchange the artichokes for mushrooms, which was kind.

Again quickly, came our twin main course of Pan Fried Cod, Roscoff Onions, Gently  Smoked Sabayon, Ragout of Sweetcorn and Chanterelle Mushrooms, mine cooked rare, her’s well done (we’re both picky about fish, and I mainly like raw things) – again brilliant, perfectly cooked, delicious. And included toasted rice, of course.

Puddings were, for me: Yorkshire Rhubarb and Canilla Tart,                                           Rhubarb Compote,  Almond Ice Cream (which was quite literally one of the best things I have ever eaten) and, for her: Poached Pear and Cinnamon Mille-feuille, Pear Purée, Acacia Honey Ice Cream.

Service was fast, not too in your face (considering the bazillion staff) and they only did that annoying ‘table wiping’ thing once.

We didn’t drink, aside from still water, and the bill came in, at a reasonable £60 each. I would *so* eat there again, I almost booked a table for next week on my way out.