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Umbrellas of Cherbourg

A Film I love. A play which is beautiful, awe-inspiringly, decadent, jawdroppingly, stylishly, colourfully, beautiful…

I didn’t care a jot about the plot, aside from one scene: our protagonists have gone their separate ways, she with his child, he with the child of another woman, the moment they decide not to allow him to meet his child, because they both know, that, though they were lovers ripped apart by circumstance in their prime, that it’s not worth breaking the life they have each built alone.

I didn’t take any photos, as it seemed rude, but please look at these, I promise they are a treat:

It was genuinely, one of the most visually outstanding pieces of theatre I have ever seen.


A Tribal Gathering

For approximately three seasons, I have been vocally disliking tribal fashion…every s/s I fingers-crossed-and-hope that it is Gone For Good, and for the last three s/s’s I have rolled my eyes and groaned with disappointment, that it really hasn’t yet gone, at all – even the mighty DvF pee’d me off a little:

…and if I ever saw another pair of bulky, heeled, sandles, with jangly bits, it would have been too soon.

Maybe my dislike for all-styles-ethnic was the product of having a hippy mother, who would turn up to school events wearing an embroidered, mirrored and belled skirt? Maybe it was my far-left fear that the fashion-heirarchy’s embracing of Eastern design, was imperialistic and Orientalist stereotyping (soap-box? Has anyone seen my soap-box?).

But slowly, I’m warming. I have recently fallen in love with some exotic, beautiful Nigerian and Ghanaian wax/batik fabrics:


I first started hankering for some of the bright stuff, when I saw some pretty darn gorgeous cushions, from Darkroom.

Then it all went tits-up when I found myself shopping for a tribal print maxi-dress. If there is one thing a 5ft-almost-nothing person, with a bosom akin to Dolly Parton should NEVER EVER wear, it’s a tribal print maxi-dress.

So, I thought it’d be sensible to stick to this scarf from Epice:

(rights: Epice / Liberty)

In fact, now I want  EVERYTHING from Epice…

My rules of tribal (which I made-up today) are:

  • Print is good – dangly bits are bad.
  • The fabric must, only ever be cotton, linen or silk – tribal viscose is a no-no, for anyone, ever.
  • I am still not going to be wearing clunky tribal jangly heeled sandles – ditto clogs.

p.s. I do rather like that DvF dress… Diane was right, I was wrong.

Ballet Pumping

Despite making a solemn oath and vow in 2009, that I would:

‘never again buy a pair of ballet pumps, now that brogues are freely available’…

I had a little run-in with this lovely pair from Carvela, in the Kurt Geiger sale t’other week:

Also available in a very much more summery coral:

I bought the black ones ‘for work’ nice and easy with slightly too turned-up grey jeans and some kinda cartoon sweatshirt *love love love working in the ‘creative sectors’, wearing studded pumps and Minnie Mouse sweaters is acceptable*

Though the big Shout Out in this story is to those peeps at Kurt Geiger… SERIOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE PROPS.

In store I tried on the size 6 (39) which was just a smidgen too large, even on my randomly bigger left foot. There was no size 5 in stock, I thought my chances of getting my grubby little mitts on a pair, from sale stock was next-to-none.

However the awesome shop-dude, phoned-around London stores, and got some delivered to my home store, if they did not arrive within five days, I would get a further tenner off (ye-haw)…. they arrived in two days… I am impressed.

They are too small (just a smidgen, on that naughty left foot), I will be wearing them with ski-tubes around the house for a week.

I. Will. Make. Them. Fit.


The gorgeous Sugar Social Blog alerted me to this…launched in the US, ready for launch in the UK in May 2010, Mac’s new range takes inspiration from craft paper, sewing patterns, the wrinkly crinkly stuff that is the very basis of fashion design.

The collection is teaming with oh-so-on-trend neutrals (buffs, minks, beiges, taupes and nudes) with pops of coral and dusty violet, so we don’t *actually* look like we’re made out of parcel paper.

I like paper, and make-up, and all-things-couture, and it reminds me of Claude Levi-Strauss’ anthropological theories of ‘Raw and Cooked‘  so it appeals big style, and I wait with baited breath, to get my grubby mitts on the range.

Wednesday want-a-thon

…a day early…

Yes please…

…from ici

Double Denim – we’re really doing it aren’t we?

The fashionistas have been raving about it for a while, I have not been so sure.

Alexa Chung did it, and my, she looked lovely (teeny tiny though):

And she does seem to be wearing her dad’s socks. I like the horsey brooch, gives it le touche de cowgirl, without it being a big cowgirl slap in the fashion face. 

Incidentally – Traffic People have got one gawgus navy blue clutch with horse detail at the mo, there’s not one single photeee of it on the interweb, I’ll take a sneaky one next time I pass the shop on Kings Road.

There are, apparently, rules to double denim, and these are they:

  • The denim must be two different contrasting colours, so as not to appear like the third, and notably most buxom member of Status Quo.
  • No belts – this is difficult, I rely on belts to cinch-in places, that need to be cinched…eeek
  • Delicate shoes – this I can do pumps, and flops and summery brogues
  • Roll-up the sleeves, n’est pas. I haven’t worn an unrolled sleeve for eons, I even roll short sleeved t-shirts.

I sourced the denim shirt from the vintaaaage bit of Urban Outfitters, it is soft and pale, and really quite lush. I teamed it with black/grey skinny jeans (as skinny as my not-skinny legs let them be) which are slightly too turned up (as is the way I insist on wearing them) and to soften-it-up I am wearing a marl grey camisole underneath.

These are the photos I took this morning, classily in the loo at work, you can’t explain to your all male team why you need them to take a photo of you, wearing two colours of denim, it wouldn’t do…I of course look like a div, because people taking photos of themselves, tend to.

Fashion Segregation – is that what we’re doing now?

The Italian version is arguably the ‘troubled middle-child’ dans famille Vogue…

The rather wonderful, Franca Sozzani is knowingly provocative, I love how she uses politics and society to guide her magazine. I adore the gritty glamour of post-surgery fashion and rehab fashion, bravely taking ownership the Mokita of fashionistas.

I almost admired the fashion forwardness of the Black Issue back in 2008. I admired Sozzani’s worldliness. Barak Obama has just got through the US election preliminaries, being black was cool, and therefore commercial.

But what struck me about the black issue, was how incredible Caucasian the models were, not a curly hair in sight, their features were narrow (the only real exception being Alex Wek) – it was quite the whitest black issue you could imagine.

And by making a special issue, for black models, surely that was setting the standard that the rest of the magazine, the rest of the year was white…?

In 2009, came the Barbie issue, again it was ok to be black, if you were thin and made of plastic:

Italian Vogue has recently launched three new online portals, from their core site

VOGUEBlack, VOGUECurvy and VOGUETalents.

Surely fashion is fashion, icons are icons and beauty is beauty. Admittedly caucasian skin and negro skin have different requirements from make-up and cosmetics, and curvy models need underwiring. But still it leaves me with the feeling that Italian Vogue, in it’s essence, remains white and thin.