A Tribal Gathering

For approximately three seasons, I have been vocally disliking tribal fashion…every s/s I fingers-crossed-and-hope that it is Gone For Good, and for the last three s/s’s I have rolled my eyes and groaned with disappointment, that it really hasn’t yet gone, at all – even the mighty DvF pee’d me off a little:

…and if I ever saw another pair of bulky, heeled, sandles, with jangly bits, it would have been too soon.

Maybe my dislike for all-styles-ethnic was the product of having a hippy mother, who would turn up to school events wearing an embroidered, mirrored and belled skirt? Maybe it was my far-left fear that the fashion-heirarchy’s embracing of Eastern design, was imperialistic and Orientalist stereotyping (soap-box? Has anyone seen my soap-box?).

But slowly, I’m warming. I have recently fallen in love with some exotic, beautiful Nigerian and Ghanaian wax/batik fabrics:

(rights: ladybrillenigeria.com)

I first started hankering for some of the bright stuff, when I saw some pretty darn gorgeous cushions, from Darkroom.

Then it all went tits-up when I found myself shopping for a tribal print maxi-dress. If there is one thing a 5ft-almost-nothing person, with a bosom akin to Dolly Parton should NEVER EVER wear, it’s a tribal print maxi-dress.

So, I thought it’d be sensible to stick to this scarf from Epice:

(rights: Epice / Liberty)

In fact, now I want  EVERYTHING from Epice…

My rules of tribal (which I made-up today) are:

  • Print is good – dangly bits are bad.
  • The fabric must, only ever be cotton, linen or silk – tribal viscose is a no-no, for anyone, ever.
  • I am still not going to be wearing clunky tribal jangly heeled sandles – ditto clogs.

p.s. I do rather like that DvF dress… Diane was right, I was wrong.


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