Amityville – £800K ONO

And on a gothica-tip… the house, home to the Amityville murders in 1974 is up for sale in Long Island, a snip at £800K

I was discussing this with a colleague this morning, at what point does a murder actually increase the value of a property?

I’m sure that if the property was home to a gruesome little murder, a husband battering his wife such as Ruth Rendell wrote in Hare’s House, which appeared in The New Girlfriend and Other Stories, the value would nose-dive, however the house at Amityville has starred in a film, a book, and receives hundreds of revellers each Halloween (how darn inconvenient).

The tale goes that the house, is now haunted, so much so that the replacement residents, who bought the house and below market rate and moved-in a month after the atrocity, were privy to some rather disturbing *stuff*… not least a plague of insects (seasonal?) and slime running down the walls (Need this?) and in the incumbent Mrs Lutz levitating, no less. Here’s an article from The Telegraph, detailing their reported experiences. Notably the article is written by the showbiz editor, make of that what you will.

(rights: The Amityville Horror)

Who knows….the Lutz’s were widely believed to be dirty rotten money grabbers, however went on to pass a polygraph test…schpoooky.


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