The gothic and the sublime

Maybe as a result of being having been a moody teenager; I’ve always enjoyed a bit of gothica,  a bit of noir.

I adored the BFI 53rd London Film Festival, short-film special last autumn, The Gothic and the Grotesque. Here’s the blurb about it from their site:

Grotesque is disturbing. Gothic is magnificent. But both can be beautiful.

This selection of films draws on aspects of both, as filmmakers look to surreal scenarios and challenging subjects to give us thought-provoking gems. Whether it’s religious beliefs, the body politic, shocking images that challenge our perceptions, or quite simply what is perceived as bad taste, these films veer from the downright bizarre to those that play with and subvert more traditional horror genres.

I came across this site recently. Love-a-thon!

Loved To Death – takes taxidermy animals and animal parts, and builds them into beautiful, works of art and jewellery, in the essence of Memento Mori (which translated from Latin means: ‘remember you must die’):

(rights – Loved to Death)

Last night I watched High Street Dreams on the Beeb: aside from a new girl crush on Jo Malone (seriously cool lady, sensible, astute, supportive, successful, ace) – I was taken by the neo-gothica of Claire English (I was also taken by her natty little carrying cases, and thought she must love the Merci mini Liberty cases).

I’m not sure what they meant when various advisers and buyers referred to the collection as ‘very English’ but that’s because I’m missing the patriotism gene… here’s some of her *stuff*…

(Rights: Claire English)

I love the use of feathers and bones in metal – if anything it feels more voodoo than English to me. But I loves it.


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