Thomas Paul – he does cushions

I’ve been admiring Thomas Paul for EVAH, I fell a bit in love with the cushion above, in Atelier Abigail Ahearn circa 2006 . Some of his stuff has really caught my eye over the years:

Born in New Yoik (him not me) having graduated from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, his first fashion role was an internship for DKNY (from whence I made my first semi-couture purchase, a rather fetching lumo-pink, gauze stretchy long sleeved T-shirt affair, circa. 1995). He then went on to work at a specialist silk-mill, specialising in neck-wear.

In 2001 he launched his homeware collection with a range of cushions, transferring the skills he’d learned as a fashion accessory maker, to home accessories. Working entirely in silk.

The range grew, he moved on to other home accessories, and diversified his materials into: melamine, cottons, linen, paper…

Melamine dish:

His work seems to follow three themes, single colour silhouette work (later merging into multi colour silhouettes), more gentile filigree work,  and sketchy nature based *stuff*.

Most recently he’s launched a LOVELY, and I mean LOVELY collection of nautical cushions:


One response to “Thomas Paul – he does cushions

  1. How do I get hold of the nautical cushion’s? I can’t find a link to buy so please put me in touch, they’re perfect for a quirky seafront flat 😉

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