Ballet Pumping

Despite making a solemn oath and vow in 2009, that I would:

‘never again buy a pair of ballet pumps, now that brogues are freely available’…

I had a little run-in with this lovely pair from Carvela, in the Kurt Geiger sale t’other week:

Also available in a very much more summery coral:

I bought the black ones ‘for work’ nice and easy with slightly too turned-up grey jeans and some kinda cartoon sweatshirt *love love love working in the ‘creative sectors’, wearing studded pumps and Minnie Mouse sweaters is acceptable*

Though the big Shout Out in this story is to those peeps at Kurt Geiger… SERIOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE PROPS.

In store I tried on the size 6 (39) which was just a smidgen too large, even on my randomly bigger left foot. There was no size 5 in stock, I thought my chances of getting my grubby little mitts on a pair, from sale stock was next-to-none.

However the awesome shop-dude, phoned-around London stores, and got some delivered to my home store, if they did not arrive within five days, I would get a further tenner off (ye-haw)…. they arrived in two days… I am impressed.

They are too small (just a smidgen, on that naughty left foot), I will be wearing them with ski-tubes around the house for a week.

I. Will. Make. Them. Fit.


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