Zara – no more plain Jane

I have a minor obsession with The White Company catalogue (the term ‘minor’ is subjective).

Liberty floral prints notwithstanding, as a rule, I tend to prefer my stuff in shades of milk and cream. I’m *all about* texture; waffle, brocade, lace and beading, broderie anglaise, corduroy, crochet, shell buttons, touchy-feely bobbles, silk and boiled wool, earthenware and porcelain.

Zara Home has historically provided some nice, affordable, plain homely stuff… so I was surprised to see this as I walked through the door of their bluewater (I know, I know) branch:

…and even more surprised how much I like it…here’re my summery, florally, stripey highlights…

Rosal Table Cloth:

Flor Azul Bed Linen:

Olimpia Bed Linen:

Rocco Cutlery:

Despite this new found love of BRIGHTS, I still ordered a very lovely cream Herringbone blanket from Tweedmill this morning.

From Achica, probably the best private members discount shopping site I use. Join now – it’s free, and they do some good stuff… so far this year I’ve bought a pale blue enamel Waterman pen (£28 down from £50) and four Graphite Grey Christy bathsheets, for £36, usual rate £20 each.


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