The gorgeous Sugar Social Blog alerted me to this…launched in the US, ready for launch in the UK in May 2010, Mac’s new range takes inspiration from craft paper, sewing patterns, the wrinkly crinkly stuff that is the very basis of fashion design.

The collection is teaming with oh-so-on-trend neutrals (buffs, minks, beiges, taupes and nudes) with pops of coral and dusty violet, so we don’t *actually* look like we’re made out of parcel paper.

I like paper, and make-up, and all-things-couture, and it reminds me of Claude Levi-Strauss’ anthropological theories of ‘Raw and Cooked‘  so it appeals big style, and I wait with baited breath, to get my grubby mitts on the range.


4 responses to “Prêt-à-Papier

  1. “Mac’s new range”


    seriously though, i love the packaging!

    your 3rd pic appears to have been dehosted 😦

    haha i’d repressed levi-strauss so far that for a minute there i thought you meant the fine young cannibals. but frankly they are probably more worthy of being repressed than levi-strauss!

  2. Thank you for the link!

  3. SS you are most welcome.

    Harrie – forget Claude Levi-Strauss ‘the father of modern anthropology’? Good grief… count yourself lucky I discounted the idea of blogging a whole post about Gestalt… nearly did!

  4. ah see i’ve always thought of evans pritchard as the father of modern anthropology but y’know, he and levi strauss overlapped a fair bit so i guess either would do.

    haha it’s been a good few years since i had to study them, they don’t really come up that often, thankfully. i’m not sure i can remember enough about either to really get a proper discussion going, unless it was to be about the azande rituals with chickens.

    haha yeah, do it! blog about gestalt, see how far i can remember anything 😛

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