Pink, to make the boys wink

I have been mega-lusting completely matte nail varnish, totally, chalky matte, I knew this could be bought over the interweb (Harriette has some) but over the interweb is not quick enough, or try-on-able enough for me.  I knew it was available at screenface, but I can never find that bluddy shop.

So I am super excited that a new brand has emerged at SpaceNK, Rococo Nail Apparel a range that includes five completely matte shades – the one I chose was ultraviolet matte, I’m not sure that the picture below shows *how* matte it is, but it’s totally dense, matte colour, like I’ve painted my nails with tip-ex and coloured it in with a highlighter….which is EXACTLY the look I was trying to achieve. Excellent.


3 responses to “Pink, to make the boys wink

  1. woo! you finally found some 😀 i love spaceNK – they used to do the BEST eyeliner i’ve ever used, but then they discontinued it *cries*

  2. it was! i adored that eyeliner, it was really soft and thick and the blackest i’ve ever used, it was aceness. i think i still have the remnants of my last one somewhere, it’s about 6 years old.

    love the pic too 😀

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