New Wave

As a confirmed Francophile, one of my biggest musical loves is Nouvelle Vague (roughly translating as New Wave)

I love their punky, shouty, sweet, bossa nova ness… simply gawgus…

I am currently a bit in love with ex collaborator Camille Dalmais, definitely part of the renouveau de la chanson française, and never more so than in her second album Le Fil which translates as ‘the thread’, and is also a homophone of ‘the girl’.

It’s a clever and conceptual album, the ‘thread’ itself is a continuous drone of note B throughout all songs (to the extent that those not in the know, returned the album thinking it was a fault in recording), Camille “uses her voice as an instrument”, but not in that irritating way that the Icelandic Pixie did in Medulla, but in a bitter-sweet-melancholic way, that only a chantreuse could. It’s sweet, and summery and entirely listenable, without being too Joe-le-taxi-whimsical, or Gainsbourg-creepy.

The song of my day, pour que l’amour me quitte?


3 responses to “New Wave

  1. ooooh you’ve reformatted!!

    i like nouvelle vague a LOT, some of their punk and post punk covers are great 😀 much better than the more well known and popular mark ronson stuff.

  2. Yes I have, it’s a spring overhaul, I was done with 1950’s ice cream shop…

    I particularly enjoy Too Drunk to Fuck

    gotta be one of the best…x

  3. oh yeah i like that one too 🙂

    i do like some of her joy division stuff, and i always loved her version of guns of brixton. it’s too easy to say “not as good as the original” as she made it so different, it makes it less comparable to the original, which means i can like both 😀

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