Double Denim – we’re really doing it aren’t we?

The fashionistas have been raving about it for a while, I have not been so sure.

Alexa Chung did it, and my, she looked lovely (teeny tiny though):

And she does seem to be wearing her dad’s socks. I like the horsey brooch, gives it le touche de cowgirl, without it being a big cowgirl slap in the fashion face. 

Incidentally – Traffic People have got one gawgus navy blue clutch with horse detail at the mo, there’s not one single photeee of it on the interweb, I’ll take a sneaky one next time I pass the shop on Kings Road.

There are, apparently, rules to double denim, and these are they:

  • The denim must be two different contrasting colours, so as not to appear like the third, and notably most buxom member of Status Quo.
  • No belts – this is difficult, I rely on belts to cinch-in places, that need to be cinched…eeek
  • Delicate shoes – this I can do pumps, and flops and summery brogues
  • Roll-up the sleeves, n’est pas. I haven’t worn an unrolled sleeve for eons, I even roll short sleeved t-shirts.

I sourced the denim shirt from the vintaaaage bit of Urban Outfitters, it is soft and pale, and really quite lush. I teamed it with black/grey skinny jeans (as skinny as my not-skinny legs let them be) which are slightly too turned up (as is the way I insist on wearing them) and to soften-it-up I am wearing a marl grey camisole underneath.

These are the photos I took this morning, classily in the loo at work, you can’t explain to your all male team why you need them to take a photo of you, wearing two colours of denim, it wouldn’t do…I of course look like a div, because people taking photos of themselves, tend to.


One response to “Double Denim – we’re really doing it aren’t we?

  1. ooh lovely shirt! i don’t know if i could do double denim, even in two tone i’d feel a bit monotonous.

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