Vinoteca Delight

First of all, I’m sorry there are not more photos (read: any) I wasn’t intending to blog this supper, it wasn’t until half way through that we realised we were eating one of the best meals ever.

I’ve walked past Vinoteca many, many times, usually on my way somewhere terribly important, like a meeting, or Magma

On Tuesday, my beautiful medeplichtige and I needed some food, fast, we were in Farringdon, and I have a rule that when there is the option of the chain restaurant (like Pizza Express) or an independent restaurant (Vinoteca) I always choose the independent (the only exception to this rule is the GBK, because sometimes I NEED a blue cheese and bacon burger, like the deserts need the rain) – my stated reason for this is ‘there’s more love in the food’…fact.

So we ordered some bread and olive oil, the bread was fresh out of the oven, like super-hot-fresh and was ok, it wasn’t bad, they didn’t have any balsamic (which is a a sin as my love of pickled goods knows no bounds), so we salted the oil, it was good – we ate it all, not amazical bread, not like the yummy scrummy chewy, crispy, soft sour dough bread from the Clerkenwell Kitchen – then again my love for sour dough, knows no bounds….but hey-ho at this stage we weren’t expecting the meal to end all meals.

Then came out main course, the beautiful medeplichtige had a mozzarella, tomato and basil risotto (the kind of thing I never order) and I had the bavette with herb butter, salad and fat chips.

The risotto – cooked to perfection, it was strewn with Jamie Oliver style green and red tomatoes (has he actually patented green and red tomatoes?) and rippings of mozzarella and basil. And every single mouthful tasted of mozzarella, and tomato and basil – but like mozzerella, and tomato and basil on speed, the milkiest mozzerellaest mozzarella in the world, and the tomatoest tomatoes and basillest basil. All slightly drenched (in a good way) in the oliviest olive oil known to man.

The Bavette- a ‘bavette‘ is a steak (I found this out using the medium of iPhone, the usefulness of an iPhone, knows no bounds) and it was delicious, I enjoyed every single medium-rare-melt-in-the-mouth-mouthful. The herb butter was salty and tangy and herby and garlicky, the salad was well dressed and interesting, the chips were crispy and fluffy and delicious. It was the best steak I have had since Le Square Trousseau a Paris, circa. 2006

We can’t remember what wine we drunk (food blogging fail!), it was red, and drinkable. The wine list is impressive, 275 wines, also for sale in the wine shop which makes up about 1/4 of the floor space.

Then couldn’t resist a little dessert (make no mistake, we were stuffed, but greedy) , we shared the buttermilk cake with confit oranges… yumski (not as outstanding as the main courses, but pretty darn yum).


Vinoteca Ltd
7 St. John Street, London EC1M 4AA
020 72538786

Meal above – £54


3 responses to “Vinoteca Delight

  1. mmm that sounds yummy. i like a good risotto so i order them quite often, and that sounds like a good one.

    bad tiemz on the lack of balsamic though, my love of pickled things probably rivals yours and balsamic really is a necessity where bread & oil are concerned.

    and yeah, i almost always pick independent over chain, or at least try to, it depends what the options are. i’m not a real burger fan, as you know, so gbk doesn’t really factor in for me. i like it once in a while but no more…

    and the cake sounds goooood 😀

    see you tonight! x

  2. Hello,

    It’s great to hear you enjoyed your meal at Vinoteca! Thanks for writing about your experience on your lovely blog, we always appreciate feedback from customers!

    Lots of customers request balsamic with their bread, and for as long as I’ve been working at Vinoteca (almost 4 years) it just isn’t something that we offer, I think it’s because we feel that our olive oil is yummy enough on its own…but I think that all comes down to personal preference.

    Hope you’ll visit us again soon!



  3. …thanks for your comment Caitlin, I might have to bring a tiny pot of balsamic in my pocket (hush hush) next time. The meal really was outstanding, the waiting staff were really good too, knew their stuff, friendly…excellent

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