Rose and Grey – lusting a’la Jeudi

Awesome loveliness, I don’t think there is a single thing I don’t want from their site:

Oh and thanks Harrie – for this tip…those folk at Wolf &Badger, currently have some super ace Jeeves and Wooster lighting:



3 responses to “Rose and Grey – lusting a’la Jeudi

  1. you know me, tip central 😀

    and there’s no apostrophe in a la btw, although it technically should be à la, is that what you were aiming at?

    also, are you coming tomorrow night? you didn’t reply to my text, you naughty girl!

  2. I was aiming at a’ la, or whatsoever… however my pigeon French is too pigiony…

    Oh and yes, I will be there for the birthday du season, I have another birthday, handily on the same street…

  3. haha good point, pidgins are much more flexible though so i think we can allow it 😉

    ooh good and oooh how handy! i’ll be coming with emily but i have to collect a library book on the way – what sort of time do you think you’ll be making your grand entrance? and why aren’t i just texting you about this?!

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