Best Sandwich Ever?

Apparently according the The Grauniad the Shooters Sandwich is the best sandwich ever…

It looks like this:

The premise is that you hollow out a loaf of bread, fill it with hot, juicy steak, mushrooms, onions and mustard – wrap it carefully in baking paper, like this:

And compress it under some heavy tomes, for about six hours until it’s all flat…

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making one.

Maybe such a project would be deserving of this vintaaaaage mustard pot:

From Accenton Vintage on Etsy


One response to “Best Sandwich Ever?

  1. i like the mustard pot a lot.

    the sandwich looks horrible tho. i’m weird with sandwiches, i like em plain: cheese or ham with NOTHING else. well, maybe a bit of mustard in the ham but only french grainy mustard. i also like peanut butter & cheese, marmite & cucumber, and chicken stuffing sarnies.

    if i want fancy food, i won’t be eating a sandwich!

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