I *heart* Clapham

As much as bofo and I are planning offshore ourselves to the Kentish Countryside (try saying that dear spoonerists) … I do *heart* Clapham, the town in which I was born, and have pathologically gravitated towards ever since.

These are some (Hipstermatic) photos, I have taken recently of my home town this Springtime.

I *heart* the common most of all, because it feels like you are a zillion miles away from the traffic and the city, all sound is sucked into the space.

I also like the rooks. Especially this one, who is crossing the road:

And the bandstand, which I have obsessed about, since I read A Walk in the Park by Anthony Browne (a wonderful trippy childrens book, about love across the class divide, which was only released for one year, then replaced by the not-nearly-as-good Voices in the Park) . The bandstand should be the scene for all my future weddings, imagine it draped in Parisian grosgrain vintage ribbon and blossom branches…

This time of year there is the Clapham Common Fun Fair – which smells all candyflossy and smokey:

I’ve always rather fancied myself as potential fun fair folk.

Of course, in Clapham, there is always a nice place for brunch:

…and to buy some flowers from, my my I do love anemones:

It’s best this time of year before the common gets swamped with all the people who forget about it over the winter…when I swear it is at its most beautiful:


5 responses to “I *heart* Clapham

  1. are you sure that’s a rook? it looks like a pigeon…

    ooooh did someone say funfair?! when, where, i’m there!

  2. It is, admittedly a pigeon-like rook, but it was certainly a rook, on Rookery Road (or a cycle path nearby).

    I frocking hate the fun fair, not fun, not fair…we can go to Alton Towers if you like? I have *still* never put my life in the hands of a rollercoaster driving youth….and Alton Towers sounds more civilised…

  3. a rook in disguise maybe? maybe it’s a spy and had to infiltrate the pigeon hq? or maybe it was going to a fancy dress party?

    hmm don’t like funfairs eh? interesting…. *makes a note*

    not alton towers, partly because it’s bloody miles away, it’s always rammed with kids too. thorpe park, however, is about 20-25 mins drive from my house, and assuming we don’t go in the summer hols or on a weekend, it’s much emptier. and a lot of fun. and i really need to get you into the evil clutches of the coasters 😀

  4. I like the idea of a pigeon going to a fancy dress party as a rook or indeed a rook dressing up as a pigeon..yes, I have 2 for 1 offer at Thorpe Park at the moment from somewhere or other… please let me not go on rides if I cry though…xx

  5. oh i’m sure you can handle most of them. there are a couple that i just won’t go on but the rest are fine 🙂

    let’s do it!

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