Pic-a-nic basket (booboo)

As much as I love a table decoration, a bunch of flowers in an old jar, a trip to the seaside, and a fish on a bar-be-queue, I LOVE a picnic…

There are so many lovely food carriers… like this little ‘tiffin-ette’Β  from Oliver Bonas, ceuuuute (I just wish that my portions could half-fit into that…maybe I need two):

I also love this proper Tiffin, in luscious ice-cream colours, from those lovely JohnLewisers:

And this 1950’s red enamel baby, from Heals (via retro-to-go):

I am the proud owner of a rather lovely vintaaaage (by ‘vintage’ I mainly mean second-hand – don’t we all)..F&M Hamper, it looks rather like this:

I’ve been meaning to line it with some nice fabric, and sew-in little cuttlery holders.

I toyed with triffling with total twee-ery from Kath Kidston:

…or something from the heartstoppinginlygorgeous (and, I think,Β  a little bit overpriced) Cabbages and Roses;

I will probably stick to Liberty though, really, because buying there is such a joy, maybe some lovely Lucy Locket…

And once the basket is lined, and I have edged a boiled-wool blanket with the same (I have just the blanket, once soft lambs wool, now a bit holey and a bit cardboardy)…I shall drag bofo (possibly kicking and screaming) to one of these, the English Heritage Picnic Concerts at Kenwood House or Audley End… what would be finer?


3 responses to “Pic-a-nic basket (booboo)

  1. 1: i can’t do picnics, too many bugs 😦

    2: i always thought a tiffin was a kind of cake. it certainly is in my world, i love em! those stacking tins are nice though πŸ˜€

    3: did you know we grew up about 6 miles from audley end? i got the train to school from audley end station! it has a nice mini railway (a friend of mine actually had her wedding reception on the railway – well, part of it anyway). it’s a nice place. i saw ray davies at kenwood last year, it was really weird, it pissed down really badly, and the concert area is in a valley – oops. it was a shame tho as only about half the people with tickets actually showed up. it stopped raining by the time he started but began again (and it was torrential) shortly after he started his set, at which point half the thin crowd packed up and left – i was very impressed that he still laid on an excellent gig and worked the crowd even though there was only 1/4 of it there! carly and i were standing by our deckchairs dancing our heads off and singing badly (pimms, y’see) and all the other people in our vicinity were huddled under blankets and umbrellas looking miserable. i like to think ray noticed us and was grateful for our efforts πŸ™‚

  2. 1. true, last summer I was eaten alive on Clapham Common, when lovely Meta made me a suprise picnic – bites the size of my fist (that is only just an exaggeration).
    2. it’s both, it’s an Indian word, for little bits of food
    3. I did not know that, though I do remember the story of the rainy gig… I would be grateful, and so should Ray…

  3. 1: i hate bugs 😦

    2: ah, i knew it was an indian word i just didn’t know it had both meanings πŸ™‚

    3: hmm well i was wrong, according to google maps it’s 8 miles, but not exactly far away anyway. still the middle of bloody nowhere! i think he was, after all my help in shooting his video as well, how could he not be?

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