Cupcake Controversy- a sign of The Times?

The rise to fame and fahhhrrrshon of the cupcake was heralded by those The Times peeps in February who noted: ‘cupcakes have gone cool’ they were a bit late on the uptake, but it seemed to be true.

But now…only eight weeks later, The Times (4th April) reports the apparent demise of this cupcakey-flim-flam…in the article: ‘Enough with the cupcakes, already **  in which quotes blog, cupcakes are shit:

Cupcakes seem to be shorthand for some pointless version of post-feminism. Get me a real cake, like a nice bit of banana bread or a good old carrot cake. I’ll leave the nausea-inducing sugar-laden sponges to the morons

(see the full, and I reckon funnier, piece here).

Cupcakes; who knew they could be metaphor for patriarchal society’s subjugation of us poor dainty women-folk… and what’s so wrong with a little hand-sized cake?

And so, with this article, a zillion pipe dreams of being a cupcake baker and owning a cakeshop are dashed in a second.

Of course, the demise of the cupcake, will mean the launch of some other delicious petites choses…like the whoopie cake (in essence two biscuits gelled together with cream – not unlike an Oreo), and my most romantic of favourites the Macaroon, love love love love Laduree:

There were recipes for macaroons in no fewer than three cookery magazines March/April – and LOOK how many macaroon cook books are out at the moment – Excellent…the two I want the very most are:

I leafed through this one in Clapham Bookshop, looked good, lots of fillings

Ooooo want-a-thon...

How long though, before the macaroon is plucked from the bosom of the marginal into the mainstream? Before it is rendered obsolete, like the cupcake before it?

** I wonder if the links will stop working when The Times starts charging £1 a day to view Times Online? It doesn’t sound like much, but £365 a year is still 2.5 x a TV licence – ah speaking of TV, don’t forget the gawgus Heston at 9pm on Channel4 tonight.


7 responses to “Cupcake Controversy- a sign of The Times?

  1. I still love cupcakes but your macaroons are beyond beautiful! Sweet!

  2. Thank you for the comment Izziedarling – I think that’s probably why I like them so much, they are always such pretty colours… very springlike…

  3. Have you seen these cupcake decorating kits though? So much fun!

    – The Occasional Enthusiast

  4. Ooo thanks OE – how cute… I like the pretty cupcake holders the best… and the sugar flowers of course:

    Thank you!!

  5. No offense, but I cannot stand the taste of cupcakes. 😦 Those macarons look beautiful though!

  6. I saw a recipe for macarons recently – it seemed like quite a lot of effort though – but very pretty indeed.

  7. Lynne – I’m mainly scared by the amount of food colouring necessary…I will give them a go (maybe without colouring) and feedback – I’ve been buying bric-a-brac saucers to serve them on, it will be pretty!

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