Bitchin’ Kitchen….

And I mean ‘bitchin’ in the good way.

I am lucky to work in the same building as the Clerkenwell Kitchen. In fact, if you look at this visual, of their courtyard, I work behind the fourth floor window.

The Kitchen is like a second meeting room for me, I go there for coffee and catch-ups with various members of the team, I take my clients there, if I’ve been super-good my clients take me there.

These are some of the things I love about the kitchen:

The staff:

Head chefs Laura and Emma really know their stuff. Laura used to be head chef at La Fromagerie, whilst Emma worked for HFW at River Cottage. Their third chef is probably my favourite; Angela, the gorgeously fiery Sardinian.

Waiters Ian and Ciaran (trendy fitted shirt with rolled-up sleeve wearers, think Hugh Grant in About A Boy) and gorgeous waitress Amelia – always remember your name, always remember your regular order, and know their flat white from their elbow.

They also have a black labrador, Wilbur (serious plus points)

The ethic:

They really know their suppliers, they are *all about* honestly sourced, seasonal, local, ethical and organic produce.

They run their business with accountability, they are committed to fair trade, to ecology and sustainability.

YET –  they do not see this as an opportunity to over charge me – in fact the aforementioned flat-white is £1.65, that’s 40p cheaper than Pret would charge me for a flaccid latte.

The food:

All this adds up to something really quite special: melt in the mouth almond croissants, bursting with almond paste and dusted with icing sugar, sticky chocolate brownies, that are *so very nearly* as good as ones from Ottolenghi, a tub of freshly made porridge, with poached and spiced seasonal fruit, a cardboard box of ‘Quiche of the day’ with crispy pastry, deep filled and a salad of purple sprouting broccoli and lentils. the list goes on, and never disappoints… oh oh oh possibly my favourite, scrambled eggs on chewy, crunchy sour dough toast… food… of… the… Gods.

So, in brief, I love that kitchen I do, the only downside is that sometimes a popping down for a takeout coffee & porridge can take a bit too long (15 minutes maybe) this is largely because they make everything to order, I sometimes wonder, when I’m there, waiting for my brekkie at 8.58am, if I’d prefer them to a vat of porridge they could ladle out of, rather than waiting for them to make it from scratch… I rather think not…


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