Weekend lovely weekend…

…this weekend was punctuated by meeting a very special baby-bump, and (proxy) feeding him a lovely countryside pub lunch. We are mainly looking forward to buying him disco hi-top sneakers (when I say ‘we’… I mainly mean me).

Considering a move out of London – a cottage in Westerham?

A visiting nephew (2.5 years, by the name of Theo, main interests include; bell-clocks, Boules and perching precariously)

Jelly making (failed attempt at elderflower, fridge now full of the stuff)

…and some Modernism in the town next door.

The modernism was upsetting.

So many beautiful things (so soon before pay day). I ooh-ed and ahh-ed while bofo checked out the construction (blind dove-tail anyone?).

What I found perturbing, was that I thought I was original in my love of all-things-rosewood, and yearning for Danish 1950’s sideboards. I thought I was avant-garde in my interest in block-like germanic animal ceramics

– however it seems, seems that every buggar, who likes a *bit of design* (and include the Dulwich brigade with their three wheel push chairs and children called Max and Mollie) likes the same.

The downstairs was retro (largely 50s/60s and 70s , largely European) furniture, accessories and bric-a-brac (including a lego phone, which bofo is recreating for me at the moment:

…whist upstairs was new, and sometimes undiscovered *stuff* the best of which being Eak design, and this gawgeous squizzle cushion:

Bargain of the day was this range of cups and plates:

Usually £40 for the plate and £10 for the cup (available at Vessel, SCP, Plate Tableware and Lucas Bond), bought direct they were £10 for a plate and £5 for a cup –  I didn’t buy any of course. Though it has set-into action a new plan for bofo and I to visit the Trellick Tower for a photography trip.


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