(sadly) Buggar Blodwen

…this morning, Welsh super-site Blodwen finally opened its metaphorical webby doors. I have been eagerly awaiting this day, it combines several things I love in a festival of wholesome-artisan-crafty-traditional-rustica… yum.

Beautifully and traditionally produced items, woollen shawls woven from the wool of pet-sheep..

…lovely lovely Welshness…

Lovely Lovely Love Spoons…(want-a-thon)

Pottery oh how I LOVE you pottery…I really do.

…but have they got their pricing right?

I am a bit of a homebody, and a lot of a home product buyer (teapot anyone?).  I spend a lot of time, effort and pennies  on homely knickknacks and domestic ephemera – I can bear the idea of £450 for a blanket…as a special treat, cosy.

But £50 for a cup? It’d have to be a pretty damn special cup… and £1,750 for a quilt – for £1,750 I could buy a small pony.

Oh Blodwen, I want to love you, and I so very nearly do.

I would like to come and stay with you in Cardigan, and to mow your sheep and to weave your coracles, or whatever… But please… can you make me a diffusion line…. Blodwen Basics… ?


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