Minnie and brogues…

My faourite outfit ever, was purchased circa. 1986 and was a Minnie Mouse denim skirt, with a Minnie-Mouse reversible sweatshirt (yellow, lots of Minnies on the inside, one big Minnie on the outside).

That was a strong look, and one I still rock on occasion, with this:

…worn with skinny jeans and coloured brogues  – which come cheapo McSchneepo from Kate Kanzier, I am the owner of many many KK brogues. She has a shop on Leather Lane EC1N. Super affordable, lots of choice, very much ‘on trend’, good enough quality for a single season, and excellent for emergency lunchtime cheering-purchase. I also like the reusable fabric bags you take them home in, and that you pay through a little hatch, like a cloakroom hatch in a club.

…these are the first ones I bought, which I rocked all winter long with knee length skirts and woolly grey tights, a bit like a plump Alexa Chung.

This S/S I fancy some of these floral broge-ulars from Asos.com

Of course if you are a *real* Brogue-esseur you’d be looking at Loake and Church’s Burwoods…in white… Oh My…want-a-thon…

…things NEVER to wear a Minnie Mouse sweatshirt with… include, though are not limited to, mouse ears…


3 responses to “Minnie and brogues…

  1. i like brogues, those white ones and flowery ones are lovely, but i always feel like they wouldn’t work for me – i’m so scruffy that they’d seem a bit out of place. also i prefer trainers for their soft-comfort-type-thing, so i’ll stick to those. but i do like brogues even so 🙂

  2. … they’re good so long as your jeans/trousers are fitted-ish so they’d look good with your new Diesel ones from The States, not so much with boyfriend/skater style jeans(esp rubbish with freyed bottoms), like Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times, good with skirts, tights should be woolly, preferably ribbed to pull this look off, I reckon…

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