Les Petites Choses

Tilt-Shifting… apparently *everyone* is doing it now… making big things look miniature, and gosh we do LOVE miniature…especially if, like me, you were obsessed with Queen Mary’s Dolls House as a child:

…I was amazed by the tiny little books, all with proper stories in them, and the inch high bottles of fine French wine, and the fully functional flushing lavatories… it made Sylvanian Families look *rubs*.

Here’s an example of some tilt-shifting, in a movingpicture format, I like the waves, it goes on a little bit long for me though, but I do have the attention span of a gnat.

And here‘s some still tilt-shifting from my good pal Alasdair, bottom right photo…

Not Tilt-Shift…Kick-Flip… just because men are 93% better looking when they are carrying a board *fact*


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