Aww, Awe, Our Viv

It feels like a long time since I’ve waxed lyrical about Vivienne.

There ain’t nuffink like the real old skool anti-consumerist orange-haired one. Her philosophy that we should buy less, but buy well, and preferably from her; the consummate poke in the eye for conspicuous consumerism.

Her proletarian approach to high fashion, three lines (Haute Couture plus the two diffusion ranges; Anglomania and Red Label) – make her gear accessible to all, and that’s before the sweetie-scented booties, made in collaboration with Melissa, which I adore:

Punk is not dead in Westwood, and I applaud her, her and her orange hair.

And such a nice little array of neckerchiefs for 2010.


One response to “Aww, Awe, Our Viv

  1. *wishes there was a “like” button*

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