Peut-être baby

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to fabrics recently, notably loving the Madamoiselle Blue but also hearts a fluttering for a bit of floribundum this spring (still wouldn’t turn a bird-print down though, or a deer, or some damn good taxidermy).

Speaking of taxidermy, my current interior-design crush is Tamara Salman creative director of Liberty (how I LOVE Liberty, in all senses).

Her house…all black and white, and regency striped, and flashes of the yellowest yellow, and pale powdery blue ceilings, topping baby-pink walls, and a super villains kitchen, black lacquer and gold leaf… I’ll find pictures.

….but…back to fabric ….I like these nauticalia, coach-house curtains reminiscent of my childhood, or maybe of Megrims Hill Cottage (Lovely Liberty)

Of course, I always LOVE a pineapple, surely the most romantic of all the fruit:

“my daring, if I could, i’d buy you a room full of pineapples” – Cabaret


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