Love, No Love Lost…

Loved … the No Love Lost exhibition at The Wallace Collection:

I simply adore The Wallace Collection; it’s like stepping into another era, I like to waft around the silk-lined rooms, with gold-leafed frames and French porcelain, and  pretend it’s my house:

I was a bit cynical, Hirst…surely he’s *all-about* the formaldehyde shark that ‘doesn’t realise it’s dead’?

I LOVE it, when conceptual artists can actually draw. One picture in particular, the one on the flyer, was amazing; I had to check behind it that it wasn’t back lit. Getting that luminescence, the total belief of the viewer that it was 3D, stroke of genius.

I didn’t love Decode at the V&A:

..nothing stood out, I couldn’t see anything that an adequately intelligent 14 year old boy couldn’t achieve using MS products, maybe I was missing the point? Maybe it was too dark (after my Parisian experience of a too dark Centre Pompidou circa. 2006 I am aware that bright lights in darkened rooms are really not my thing).


One response to “Love, No Love Lost…

  1. i’m not a hirst fan either. i guess when he first did all that stuff it was something new but it’s getting to be a one trick shark. that said i did quite like the skull.

    my mum’s uni course is based at the wallace collection, maybe you’ll bump into her? if so, run!

    on a not really related note – no love lost is my favourite joy division song, i wonder if he’s a fan or was just using it in a more general sense.

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