Carnaby Cool?

As a teenager I loved Carnaby Street, in much the same way as I loved Camden Market, the air of danger… and the punks.

Not-so-much these days, but this picture, from the Carnaby Street: 1960 – 2010 Exhibition, that’s nice:


2 responses to “Carnaby Cool?

  1. it’s definitely not what it used to be but i think that has as much to do with us as the place itself. as we get older we see different things as cool or alternative or whatever and i guess if the emo stuff/tourist cool you see there now is what “the kidz” want then it’s up to them. to me it seems like a decline but it’s probably just shifting fashions and changing times.

    that second pic is fantastic 😀

  2. Nostaligia is good, but it’s not what it used to be. You know I’d be an emo if I was young enough…x

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