Crafting Fox

Maybe it’s the recession, or  my age, but my passion for ‘all things craft’ is hitting a new high (still no use of the magical sewing machine, however the card-making is going spiffingly (what I lack in skill I make-up for in enthusiasm).

Etsy rocks, it’s very easy to fritter-away a pay-cheque on random hand-made goodies from The States – they do an especially strong line in Bird in Birdcage necklaces, which I covet:

Regretsy pulls the ‘WTF’ pieces from Etsy – for our amusement, though I *really* don’t see what’s wrong with this…

I am currently looking-forward to Craft London, I’ll like the ceramics best, either the really ugly, chunky, moulded Germanic *stuff*… or the twee and pretty illustrated *stuff*, like Helen Beard


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