Burberry lovin’

Fashion is nothing if not surprising, earlier this week I fell in love with Tommy Hilfiger, he of horrid boat-wear, and Red, White and Blue pants, the upmarket equivalent of Kappa…or so I thought. This was a nice surprise.

The surprises can be of the bad sort too… the resurgence of ‘Tribal’ style, this time it’s glam and shiny and bejeweled, but it’s still pretty hateful. And clogs, they weren’t a *good* surprise either.

… Good surprise – I am loving Burberry Prorsum A/W 10/11… Christopher Bailey is a clever man, of clever collars.

We watched the Live Stream of the 3D show from LFW on Tuesday (under the auspices of work).

Things I loved about this collection….

  • The moody teenage attitude and slightly too-fast runway walk
  • The flying jackets, with their big sheep-skin collars
  • Oversized Tank-Girl biker boots
  • Military jackets, twinned with over-knee boots and lace – yumski

And here’s a bit of Anna Wintour, as if I could resist.


One response to “Burberry lovin’

  1. i’m shocked about hilfiger – all that preppy stuff that looks like it has to be worn with deck shoes (which are the embodiment of vile, or indeed evil), ewww. has he done something to redeem himself?!

    tribal = ……. ick.

    i like the burbery aviator and military coats 🙂 have fun chez burberry!

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