Benetian Blinds…

I love Alan Bennett. He narrated the Winnie the Pooh audio book, so will forever be the voice of Pooh, and Piglet, and Rabbit and all Rabbits friends and relations – and the cocky, judging, loving voice of Christopher Robin.

The History Boys is one of my favourite films ever… and I’m reading Talking Heads, for about the zillionth time now… I love that Yorkshire twang, the subtleties, the little hints and tics of neurosis, the fact that no matter who is the Talking Head, be it Routledge of Walters, it’s always Bennett.


One response to “Benetian Blinds…

  1. film???? it’s a play! i know they turned it into a film, but from what i heard it was basically just the play, filmed. it made such an impact on me i can’t even remember if i saw it. i saw the play tho, it was great šŸ™‚

    i saw routledge too, she was excellent.

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