Waiting for Springdot…

2010 – the year I got bored of snow.

I’m longing for the sticky smell of hiacynths, and to see the daffadowndillys raise their silly yellow dog-heads, instead I get rain, and something that is neither sleet nor rain, but colder and nastier than either. Sucks.

It’s the beginning bluebell season and I haven’t seen a single floret, as children we used to spend March frolicking in ‘bluebell glenn’ an area of the woods that would spend a week carpeted in bluebells.

Roll-on lazy summer days in my mother’s garden.


3 responses to “Waiting for Springdot…

  1. if you’re longing for that smell, i suggest you try your bedroom 😉

    and pining to spend time chez parents?!?! :O

  2. Retracting offer of lunch chez mine Sunday.

  3. Retracting the threat of euthanasia…and I’m coming Saturday, not Sunders right?

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