Spanx and Positive Eating

These are two things that are new to me, Spanx really shouldn’t be new, I’ve been thinking about them, in depth for quite some time…and Positive Eating because I made it up yesterday.

Spanx – I love Spanx as much as the next girl, probably more if the next-girl is a size 0. What I did not know about Spanx, until I bought some, was that they are crotchless…  which is simply TERRIFYING. Not only the day-to-day-overexposed-crotchlessness of them,, but the whole pee-ing through a fabric outer-vagina, whilst trying to avoid inadvertently peeing on fabric.

Positive Eating:

I like to think I eat quite healthily, this is because I enjoy good food, and when I (middle-classily) come home from Waitrose, the Farmers Market, or Borough, with my goodies (in a hessian bag for life, of course), they are 90% free-range, organic, healthy happy hens, plucky pigs and fab fish, my stock-pile (just in case) of nuts and seeds is comically noteworthy….

So I kinda got to wonder how I sometimes eat so much CRAP.

I realised it’s the quick food I grab on-the-go, and cheap dinner out with friends, and Pizza-Thursday in the office – and so I’ve decided, I will not eat anything that I haven’t made a Positive Choice to eat, and avoiding ‘dead food’ (basically white carbs, which don’t do anybody any good). Sometimes that positive choice could be that I want to eat a kilo of Stilton, or a five-pack of doughnuts, but most of the time it’ll be the choice to eat good stuff. Ans this is the plan, and why I am sitting in my office eating (homemade) pea and ham soup, while the boys eat a large pizza each, once of which cost £20.. I mean, what do you have to have on a pizza to make it cost £20? The mind boggles.


2 responses to “Spanx and Positive Eating

  1. if you’re off white carbs, gbk will be off the menu, no?

  2. I have made a Positive Choice to eat burgers tonight. I will eat them, I will be happy, all is good…I mainly mean I’m avoiding cheap Tesco pasta marinated in cheese and mayo x

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