Gotta Have Tweedom

I LOVE a bit of twee. A 1950’s pinny, being up-to-the-elbows in flour, farmers markets, flower markets, cross-stitch (the idea more than the actuality of cross-stitch, after it took me three hours to stitch an area the size of my thumb nail), I love a perfectly set table, my sewing machine (see above re: cross-stitch), and of course I LOVE Blossom (it kills me a bit that I didn’t get to see her in New York before she passed-away) and Dolly, I like a glass of milk and sweet, stolen kisses, and Starland Vocal Band. Twee rules.

Quilts, theoretically the epitome of twee are having a bit of a *moment*, not least at the V&A Quilt Exhibition, tracing the (often moving) history of each quilt, including a quilt made by prisoner of war Girl Guides, as a present for their teacher, each girl donating a square of their skirt.


One response to “Gotta Have Tweedom

  1. oh yeah, twee rules. mostly.

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