Paris is calling me…

11th March at Le Petit Palais du Paris… Yves Saint Laurent retrospective…Dior to ready-to-wear… I can feel a day-trip coming on…


6 responses to “Paris is calling me…

  1. only one day?!?! and do you need a french speaker to “help” you around?

  2. I AM a French speaker ma petite vol au vent…mais oui, you would be a welcome addition to any adventure xx

  3. ah but if you mix up your genders like you did with that pour vol au vent, you might be in trouble 😉

  4. fuck i can’t even speak *english*!!! i meant POOR. damn.

  5. hahahaha I am saying nuffink gorge… oh and, the think with the masculin/feminine shizzle is that if it’s spoken-word, hardly anyone is going to notice… if I speaksuperfast… and lisp and stammerin my usual manner… wahahaha

  6. Shit, I mean ‘thing’ not think… n’est pas

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