The Baker’s Tale

Valentine’s Day has been mainly punctuated by searching for a very small, internal circuit board fuse, for our juicer that rebelled against me trying to shove a whole and un-peeled orange through it.  Whilst bofo got ‘all electrical’ including a soldering iron and a manly-stern look, I set to baking some misshapen choux goodies… (photos to follow) – some more misshapen than others. And Bofo cooked a Chilli, with an unusual focus on cinnamon.

We also spent some time lighting Chinese Sky Lanterns in the garden, of course we’re far too cool to make wishes, but there was a teeny moment, of wishy washy wishness…only for the lanterns to be followed by a police helicopter… cue bofo and I hiding behind a bush and sniggering…that’s how we get our kicks these days.

KUNG HEI FAT CHOI to all. Today is ‘Dog day’ so be nice to any dogs you come across.

The visual and sonic landscape for today was bumper amounts Hercule Poirot and Pendulum.


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