Three things I am looking forward to…

  1. A Single Man – I have read the reviews, I have watched the trailers, I have gathered as many screen grabs as a screen can grab, and now I simply can…not…wait. This is the first year that I haven’t been whipped up in Oscar fever, last year I took a week off to make sure I’d seen all the nominated pictures, including spending a day in the Ritzy watching all the nominated ‘shorts’, a good short is a joy, a triumph, I quite like being left thinking ‘what?’; or ‘how?’ or ‘who?’… A bad short is pointless, one that leaves me thinking ‘why?…just why?’… this year I haven’t even seen Avatar (which I suspect I’d hate).
  2. Driving with bofo from London to Berlin – this spring we shall drive from London to Folkestone, catch the chunnel, then from Calais to Brussells for lunch, then taking-in the tip of the Netherlands, into Germany. We’ll stay in the Vitamin Berlin apartments. I am so, so, very excited about the Bauhaus Museum. I suspect Bofo, is mainly excited about driving reeeeely reeeeeely fast on the autobahn and the BMW Museum in Munich.
  3. The birth of three children – my phone is currently riddled with ultrasound pictures, which always arrive with the title ‘some news’. Last year was the first throng, two children born to the upper end of my friendship demographic. This year the race is on…I’m concerned all the best names will be taken by the time I get around to it.

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