Lust list…

Today I am mainly lusting after this and these… satchels are pretty much *all-over-the-fashion-shop* at the moment. Pinging up on S/S 2010 catwalks for amongst others, Sportmax and Loewe


Loewe S/S 2010 - rocks the satchel

Sportmax s/s 2010 satchel scenez

……..I’m loving that novelle, sporty, modernist, utlity chic *ness* – However the biggest, brightest and arguably fashion-*forwardest* of all sporty, modernista chic types *must* be Miuccia Prada, purveyor swimming cozzie couture…

Also –  a micro-trend for orange lipstick…as sported here by Chloe ‘I’d look neat dressed in a greasy newspaper’ Sevigny:


3 responses to “Lust list…

  1. well that’s just bloody typical. for years i go around with satchel type bags and everyone thinks i’m weird. then i finally ditch them for something smaller and now they all want them. not bloody fair.

  2. Fashion cycles and circles darlinks… I am MOST upset about the resurgence of Tribal Chic s/s/2010…serious hate-candy, I might write a letter of complaint.

  3. oh yeah, i know it does, otherwise why would youngsters now (ha, i sound so old!) be wearing fucking power shoulder pads?!

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